Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DFD displayed a strong understanding of customer service and the need to produce consistent quality. They have extensive technical knowledge of vessels, with experience both as crew member and from the project management side as a customer's on-site representative through a complex new building project.

DFD Inc. was founded in 1993 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by F. Sean Hodgson as a culmination of his lifelong interest and experience in the boating world. The company offers project management for yacht new builds or refits, marine surveying, and technical design/drawing services, with a focus on maintaining the highest levels of competence and reliability.

In its 20+ years, DFD has been honored with the trust of well-known yacht builders and owners all over the world, including the United States (east and west coasts), Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Italy, France, Holland, Greece, the United Kingdom, Malta, and the South Pacific. Vessel projects ranged from 80' to 200' in size.


F. Sean Hodgson

You could say that F. Sean Hodgson has the sea in his blood. He was born into a marine family in Jacksonville, Florida, and as a child visited the shipyard as often as possible where his father worked as an engineer and sales manager. Sean began learning to sail on the St. Johns River at age 6, and by age 8 was operating small motorboats. After the family moved to Fort Lauderdale, Sean indulged his boating passion by working for charter companies after school and on weekends. He spent his summers as captain or crew, taking groups to the Bahamas and delivering boats throughout the Caribbean.

Throughout his professional career Sean worked in all phases of the yachting industry, developing an exceptional creative and analytic balance which gives him the ability to conceptualize design and implement all facets of a project. Today he is known for his strong managerial, organizational and computer skills, all keys to the mutual success of DFD and its clients.


Andrew Tuhan

Andrew Tuhan began his marine career in 1992 in the Australian Customs Service Marine Fleet, serving as a watch officer and engineer patrolling the Pacific Ocean, Great Barrier Reef, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Torres Strait Islands. Deciding that a career in the yachting industry would be a great way to see the world, he worked his way up from second engineer/deckhand tohis first position as yacht captain in 2001.

Andrew moved ashore in 2009 and comes to us with an impressive array of credentials, including the MCA Class 4 3000gt Master’s Certificate of Competency (Yachts), and diplomas in marine vessel surveying from Lloyds Maritime Academy, United Kingdom, and the Chapman School of Seamanship. He is a Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors(SAMS) Surveyor’s Associate, International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) Associate Member, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Certified Technician, International Safety Management Auditor and Member of The Nautical Institute.

Eric Hodgson

Having grown up in a marine family, Eric has been around boating and water sports (surfing, diving, fishing) for his entire life. He has combined this passion with his other love, computer aided design. Earning an electronics degree in 1987, he pursued additional coursework in computer programming, data processing and computer aided design. Since then he has worked continuously with AutoCAD, the industry leading software, in every version from its inception on DOS based computers to the current release. Very few people in the world can equal Eric's speed and accuracy with AutoCAD.

Eric began his career implementing and supervising a variety of CADD applications, including circuit board schematics and layouts, gas station site plans, machinery installation methodology, cartography consulting, and CADD department manager for a petroleum company. In 1997 he became a self-employed CAD designer and consultant, with projects ranging from yacht engineering and refitting, to docks, seawalls and fuel storage facilities, to architectural and landscaping plans for commercial and residential buildings. This diverse experience supports him well in providing DFD with CAD services and oversight of the design office.