Representing the World's Leading Yachts

For decades, DFD Inc. has been accomplishing strategic objectives for our clients and partners. We have been honored to work with the yachts below and to have also provided technical support and project management for 2 of the finalists in the World Superyacht Awards for 2017 in Boats International. (M/Y Bina & M/ Y Minderella)

Type Yacht Length Builder
E/YAbsinthe201 ftSparkman & Stevens
M/YAjao82 ftBaglietto
M/YAllegria152 ftHakvoort
M/YAmanti169 ftFeadship
E/YAmazon Express 218 ftCnomv
M/YAmorazur II 149 ftPalmer Johnson
M/YAndiamo 120 ftBenetti
M/YAnnastar 164 ftWestport
M/YAquila 164 ftBenetti
M/YAudacia151 ftFeadship
M/YBattal 125 ftBenetti
E/YBig Blue137 ftTroy Marine
M/YBlue Water CAT103 ftCheoy Lee
M/YCacique119 ftChristensen
E/YCapella C 193 ftScheepsbouwwerf Gebr
M/YCarpe Diem190 ftTrinity
M/YCasual Water110 ftFeadship
M/YCharade153 ftFeadship
M/YCheck Mate145 ftBenetti
M/YCherosa153 ft Swiftships
M/YClair 149 ftTrinity
M/YCracker Bay 147 ftHakvoort
M/YDe Ja Vu164 ftFeadship
M/YDolce Far Niente150 ftBenetti
M/YDona Lola130 ft Westport
M/YFlawless III116 ftAzimut
E/YFortrus112 ftInace
M/YGallant Lady167 ftFeadship
F/YGate Crasher 80 ft Hatteras
M/YGazzell 101 ftOceanfast
S/YGeorgia 159 ftAlloy
M/YGlaze 161 ftTrinity
M/YHighlander150 ftFeadship
E/YHope88 ftPalmer Johnson
M/YImpulsive 124 ftNorship
M/YIroquois163 ft Feadship
M/YJade Mary 104 ftArno
M/YKimberly 127 ftPalmer Johnson
M/YKipany116 ft Intermarine
M/YKiss The Sky170 ftAmels
E/YKOI115 ftMcMullen & Wing
M/YLa Dolce Vita80 ftLazzara
M/YLady A110 ftIntermarine
M/YLady Michelle 161 ftTrinity
M/YLady Nina95 ftMaiora
M/YLady Sheila144 ftBenetti
M/YLady Zelda 130 ftChristensen
M/YLazy Z 168 ftOceanco
M/YLion Fish 80 ftLazzara
M/YLion Wind146 ftFeadship
S/YManutara114 ftValdettaro
M/YMatrix Rose155 ftStirling
F/YMaverick70 ftViking
M/YMaybe Tomorrow 114 ftB&B Boat Builders
E/YMontrevel121 ftAteliers
M/YMoon Goddess 114 ftDanish Yachts
M/YMoon River98 ftPalmer Johnson
M/YMysorah159 ftFeadship
M/YMystere150 ftLloyds Ships
M/YMystique165 ftOceanfast
S/YNecker Belle105 ftCMN
M/YNever Say Never130 ft Sunseeker
M/YNoble House 177 ftSensation
M/YNorthlander124 ftMoonen
M/YOctavia 141 ftHeesen
M/YOctopussy141 ftHeesen
M/YPegasus 171 ftFeadship
M/YPennymae 138 ftRichmond Yachts
M/YPerle Noire122 ftHeesen
M/YPhoenicia II94 ftAstondoa
M/YPlaypen 85 ftPacific Mariner
M/YPolar Star 208 ftLurssen
M/YRasselas203 ftFeadship
M/YRee112 ftValdettaro
MILRiver Hawk Fast Sea Frames  US Navy
M/YRochade 156 ftDelta
M/YScout 147 ftRMK
F/YSea Eagle 112 ftHakvoort
M/YSea Horse 170 ftAmels
M/YSea Owl 141 ftBurger
E/YSea Wolf 193 ftJ & K Smits
M/YSurprise 115 ftMcMullen & Wing
M/YSweat Escape130 ft Christensen
S/YTenacious114 ftTrident Shipworks
M/YTriumphant Lady155 ftStirling
M/YTV257 ftLurssen
M/YUltima III188 ftAbeking & Rasmussen
M/YUnforgetable137 ftRoyal Denship
F/YVoice of the Wild90 ft Cheoy Lee
M/YWaku140 ft Trinity
M/YWaterford 110 ftHatteras